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Rossi Main - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi Main (as new) - Hand made by Tony Rockett Parfitt Main - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi 'Down Down' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Rossi 'Whatever You Want' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Parfitt 'Rain' - Hand made by Tony Rockett Click here to see how Tony makes a Quo replica.. Converted 'Squires' Build your own! Ready made body & neck (ie a 'Kit') Fender Quo Signatures


Rick took a fancy to the unique Steinberger in the late 1980s, as two of these guitars were added to the Quo 'armoury'.

Both guitars (a black model and a white model) are listed in the 'Just For The Record' Quo autobiography with serial numbers N5253 and N7886.

Rick can be seen using one of these guitars on the 'Rockin All Over The Years' and 'Rock Till You Drop' videos.

The black Steinberger was used extensively when playing the song 'Little Lady'.

The guitar can be seen in the capable hands of our good friend Paul 'The Riff' Gibson in the photograph on the right.

  'Andy Bown' Telecaster  
Although this late 60's Fender Telecaster is currently being used by Andy Bown during the Heavy Traffic classic 'Creepin Up On You', this Tele has been one of the Quo guitars since the 1970s.

Back in the 1970s it was frequently used by Rick, and was a fixture in the Quo guitar rack.

This guitar can be seen in the 'Authorised Biography', first published in 1979, in the photograph labelled 'A selection of Quo's equipment, Hilversum, Holland, December 1978'.

(Its up on the shelf next to Francis's 'Down Down' guitar!)


  Esquire 'Backup'  
This 1966 Fender Telecaster was loaned to Rick, and was taken on tour as a backup to the Fender Esquire used by Rick during the 'Mystery Medley', 'Rain' and 'Hold Ya Back'.

We have no record of the guitar being used 'in anger' by Rick, and the guitar has now been returned to its owner.

  'Tune-o-matic' Telecaster  

This white Fender Telecaster with its tune-o-matic bridge and chunky tailpiece is a bit of a mystery!

We can find no record of it ever being used by Rick in concert. We'll let you know more when we find out!



  Tony Rockett Replica  

I've been told that this particular replica guitar was loaned to the band, and taken on tour when the band last visited Australia.

After the tour it was signed by Rick and Francis, and returned to its owner.

The picture on the right shows the guitar all connected up to the famous Quo backline.

Its since been sold on, and I believe now belongs to Norfolk's biggest Parfitt fan!


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